Many families come to us as they have not had a portrait since their children were babies.  Now a member of the family is either graduating high school or moving to work/study away from the home for the first time and they have realized their family narrative needs to be captured now.  It is a wonderful time when each member has a distinct personality but you all combine together to create the unique family that you are.  These portraits capture a precious period of time that will rapidly change as the world beckons to be explored and family members journey on to create individual identities beyond the immediate family unit. We can capture your family in our Karrinyup Portrait Studio, on location or at your home.
Giggles, gurgles and gargantuan smiles!!  That's what we see during our fun sessions with babies and children of all ages.  Some might take a little coaxing but with a range of tricks up our sleeve we like to think no-one can resist our charms.  The delight we see from parents when they see their children come to live in front of the camera makes this a job we love everyday.
Given the international world we live in families being altogether can be a rare occurrence.  When everyone comes home the celebration of being together is one we love to be apart of.  The wisdom and warmth from the older generations to the youngest generation is one of the most beautiful moments a photographer can capture.  Craig thrives on the opportunity to combine multiple generations into a single beautiful portrait sure to be treasured by your family.
Whether you are a new couple who have just discovered how amazing being together is, or a couple that is celebrating a long life of adventures a portrait session to capture this special relationship is a wonderful gift to each other. A couple session makes a fantastic gift from children to parents when celebrating milestones anniversaries, or from one partner to the other.
As young people transition from teenager at school into young adulthood their life can take many paths.  This is an amazing time to capture their personality during this carefree time in their life.  Craig specializes in encapsulating Leavers personalities in a fun and fashionable way to reflect their personality.  Leavers Portraits can often be combined with a Family Portrait.
Many of our families have enjoyed successful careers, some are just reaching the goals they have set themselves.  Their image is a vitally important tool in portraying who they are in their professional life.  Knowing how important a good first impression is Craig will develop an image that portrays the image you want your potential clients to see.  If ‘a picture says a thousand words’ then a business portrait by Craig will speak volumes to your clients.