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The Perfect Family Photo – is that impossible?

I don’t know about you but I think no home is complete without the ‘perfect’ family portrait.  The first thing I like to do when going in to someone’s home is enjoy the family photographs on display.  Family portraits capture all types of families, from the largest to the smallest, in a moment of togetherness.  Often spanning many decades.  How beautiful are those moments – the quiet captured moment of mother and daughter, the raised cheer from the huge family reunion.  They invoke a sense of identity, pride, joy, reflection.  But often people stress too much about trying for that ‘Pinterest perfect’ moment.

Craig Stewart Photography has some simple tips to ensure you stress less and enjoy more.

  1. Nothing is ever perfect – roll with the imperfections. Those imperfections are the conversation topics that will make you smile when remembering that moment.  The spilt coffee, the dash to take cover under a tree or the arm in a bandage on photo day due to a fall the day before.  They are what makes us human and the crazy, mixed up bunch that we call our family.  You definitely don’t want to look at your family artwork and remember it as a point of anxiety.  So let the moments flow and leave it in the capable hands of a seasoned photographer.
  2. Your family is constantly changing – don’t wait until that ‘perfect time’ to have a family photograph. Take the family portrait now because tomorrow is too late.  Too late when the oldest child has moved to Melbourne to study, too late when Grandma is no longer with us, too late when you find yourself as an empty-nester.  Build up a photo wall to watch the wonderful changes of your family.
  3. Choose different themes and locations – Western Australia has such beautiful nature environments that the options are endless – beaches, bush-land and gorgeous parks. With an enviable climate it means you can have a location portrait any time of year.  By going outdoors it becomes a family occasion and this creates a sense of fun for everyone.  Bring a picnic hamper, enjoy the day and let the wide open spaces relax you – this will reflect in your finished artwork.
  4. Plan Ahead – by considering all the variables before the shoot you can stress less on the day. Have what everyone is wearing pre-planned, know exactly where the location is you are meeting your photographer so you’re not stressed about running late, communicate with other family members exactly when they need to be there and an expectation that they will be there for a few hours.  We know not all things planned will work out but if these major things are covered it’s easier to roll with the changes.

The perfect family portrait IS possible – your family is perfect because they are your family and their funny imperfections are what makes them so. Of course our best advice is always to ensure you use a reputable, qualified photographer who is capable of capturing that perfect family portrait.  Let us know what your favourite family combination and location would be.

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